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A) Staff

At the headquarters of the Agricultural Research and Natural Resources Center the conditions of the human resources description is follows as:

Research service: PhD=78, MSC=109, BSC= 57 and 283, employees in the headquarters as service support.


B) Research projects

Preparation and implementation of research projects in agriculture and natural resources for removing agriculture problems, the main task of Khorasan Razavi province is, 668 research projects have been already conducted so far, and the results have been used in the different areas of the executive sections. Current projects in hand are about 321.

Since beginning of the center establishment, there have been 447 projects/year, and the results have been used by other sectors.


C) Publishing activities

The publication activities from 2001 to date:

Final research reports: 936 articles

Scientific-research articles and cited in indexed journals inside Iran are 245 and for international journals are 49 articles.

Paper in Conference & seminar or workshop: inside are 1316, and 136 articles are international.

(D) Information and public relations

The task of this unit is to transfer the information at the level of users and researchers inside and outside the center. This unit consists of the library, information technology and support services. Listening and Visual. The central library has 9750 Persian books, 2420 Latin books and the number of document as final reports and extension services booklets are 5500. This center has also 60 periodic persian journals titled subscriptions.


Parts of their activity in information technology for local networks for about 200 nodes are created and the center has designed a website. The main task of this network maintenance in this section is the creation and maintenance of virtual spaces, and the electronic information center creation, automation and publication of that for the Web.

The public relations department activities are as follows; Provide reports, articles and research activities for publication in national and local journals; to transfer research activities, specialized and disseminative interviews, and other public relation activities which are the other responsibilities that can be considered.

(E) Technical and Research Environment Services Division

This section is referred to as the research center with the aim of supporting the environment, assistance in establishing a platform for the implementation of research projects and products in the research stations and their coordination with a subset of the aquifer units, which shall be active.

1- The machinery section and the water wells

2- Completion of the infrastructure and equipping the units

3- Agricultural production units

4- The unit and the office of public sector

The main activity of this sector is planning, coordination for the preparation and supply of necessary inputs, supervising the provision of the infrastructure and machinery equipments, and the water wells, design and planning contracts.

F) Laboratory Service Department: This center has 17 laboratories, which should be as follows: Soil and Water, Food Technology, Biotechnology, Seed Technology, Biological Pest Control,  Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic, Birds and Rodents,  Evaluation of diseases in the Field Crops and Fruit Trees, Investigation of Weeds, The preparation of Dough, and Sugar beet  Samplings, Recognition of Sugar Beet Diseases, Qualitative Analysis of Sugar Beet, Physiology of Sugar Beet, Watershed Management, Livestock and Natural Resources Sciences. There is also a Center for the Greenhouse Experiments that are Carried out in Five Controlled Environments.

 (G) The Research Activities Acceptance Orders from the Public and Private Sectors:

KANRRC is a center with high capabilities, which has (more than 200 academic researchers and scientific research members, equipped laboratories, and experimental farms). It is a suitable platform for evaluation of agricultural department problems under the executive departments and the private sector organizations, respectively. Therefore, this center as a recipient, has the total responsibility for giving solution orders and to provide appropriate planning orders to solve the most difficult problems of public and private sectors, in the framework of the organizational tasks of the bureau. This is an important role in the form of a contract in between the partner and the organization, which is executable.

H) Research Stations: There are 13 research stations in different regions of the province

I)                   Research affiliated departments:

Agricultural Biotechnology Research Department  

Agricultural Engineering Research Department

Animal Science Research Department

Engineering Research Department

Plant Pests and Diseases Research Department

Research Department  of Forest and Rangeland  

Seed and Plant Certification Research Department

Seed and Plant Improvement Research Department

Soil and Water Research Department

Soil Conservation and Watershed Management Research Department

Sugar Beet Seed Research Department

-          Research groups:

Pistachio Research Group

Dry Land Agricultural Research Group

                    Cotton Research Group


-          Research Institute

Northeast & East Region Of  Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran (ABRII)



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